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Youtube is one of the largest video platforms whichever exist on the planet, which is free to use and has all types of hilarious and adventures videos, either be it a side-splitting fail compilation or a fluffy cat is super cute. By the end of 2020, the mega video factory is going to stream 500 hours of videos uploads in 30 seconds, with this number increasing all the time.

When Youtube came into existence, it was a great way to watch videos on a PC, at your work during lunch or course.
Nowadays now we can enjoy youtube on more number of platforms which includes the big size TV which is a perfect way to stream supported videos in a more better resolution of 4k. Here is how to watch youtube on your TV at home with your family.

How to Play Youtube On TV via Smart TV

One of the most advanced ways of watching Youtube on your TV is by using that TV built-in the brain. Most of the new smart TV like sharp aquos 65 inch 4k nowadays are equipped with a wide range of pre-installed apps, and youtube will always be on top apps to jump out at you. All you need is to open the application, in some of the cases first install youtube application and then enjoy watching movies and videos.
There are many youtube apps which are specially made for tv; you don’t need to worry about setting resolution or adapting to a new set of control as it is all likely to be set up for your specific screen. You can easily find and load videos on your phone, where searching trends to be so simple and then fling it to broadcast or play on the TV with the application already taken.

How to watch YouTube Videos on your TV via Google Chromecast

Google not only exist to take over the world and turn us all into robot slaves but also to make our lives simpler and more comfortable. In the same way, Google has managed to make access to the world’s knowledge as simple as just like a single search bar; it is also made a flinging content to the TV just simple. Using an affordable smart coding and hardware. Google has made chucking video from a phone, tablet or laptop as comfortable as an icon tap.
The Google Chromecast is a primary Wi-fi device that features an HDMI out to connect to any screen with the help of an HDMI port- which is pretty much all of them nowadays. Just open a Chromecast enabled app on your phone or tablet via chrome browser and click on the cast icon to fling it to the connected TV- it is so simple. This works same for Netflix, Plex, Youtube and more.

How to watch YouTube Videos on your TV via Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Amazon fire stick is very simple just like a Google Chromecast. This is a dongle that also plugs into any of the spare HDMI port of TV, but in this case, the Firestick in TV plays a back pretty much everything from youtube and iPlayer.
The fire stick comes with either a voice-enabled controller or a standard remote which allows you to search much more comfortable and faster to use.

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