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Avocado Smoothie Recipe

What it takes to Have a Perfect Avocado Smoothie Recipe

If there is one significant fruit that has stood the test of time as far as preparing smoothie is concerned, then it got to be avocado.
It is a somewhat unique a healthy fruit that is rich in natural fats, minerals, and vitamins that perhaps can be somehow difficult to find in other grains.
Whenever you add avocado as part of your smoothie ingredients, be sure that the nutritional value of that particular drink also becomes high.

Questions that always arise regarding this particular fruit is how to prepare avocado smoothie. The good thing is that this article provides the answer to this specific question. Just make sure that you read on;

What makes avocado smoothie healthy?

Avocado Smoothie Recipe

Avocados contain minerals, vitamins, natural fats and low level of carbohydrates. This is a combination of elements that can rarely be found in many fruits.

Some of the vitamins that are contained in avocado include vitamin A, B, B2, and B3. All these vitamins are essential in making your body healthy and also allow you to stay energetic.
Avocado also contains zinc, copper, iron, magnesium, and manganese. All these elements are vital for the body and play critical roles in determining your health.

The healthy fats that are contained in the avocado are essential in making the vitamins to get absorbed in a better way.
For instance, vitamin A, D, E and K are what is referred to as the fat-soluble vitamins. It, therefore, means that you require fat to make it possible for you to absorb such vitamins.
The moment you choose to add avocado to your diet and perhaps make it as part of your daily drink

By adding avocado to your diet, for example in a healthy smoothie, you benefit from the many health benefits that avocado and other food products delivered to your body.
I want to give you the more beautiful details of all the health benefits that you can obtain from eating avocado, and some of them include the following;

1. Helps in enhancing the performance of your cardiovascular system

Avocado contains fats that are naturally unsaturated. This is essential because it makes it possible for the cardiovascular system to obtain improved performance.
Eventually, you become healthy given that your entire body will be receiving enough supply of blood throughout.
Avocado also contains more potassium than banana per every 100 grams. And we know that a food substance that is rich in potassium is essential in counteracting the adverse effects that can be caused by sodium or excessive salt in the body.

2. Prevent cancer

Cancer is becoming the most significant health threat as far as diseases are concerned. Avocado is one of the best fruits that can be used to suppress the effects of cancer, especially during chemotherapy sessions.
Scientists have proven that phytonutrients that can help in preventing the cancer cells from growing and ultimately killing them.

3. Prevents a wide range of diseases

Avocado is also essential in preventing quite a considerable number of conditions. It contains fibers that are ideal for managing the chronic illnesses.
For instance, effects of diabetes are reduced every moment you continuously eat avocado diet. High blood pressure, as well as stroke, can also be prevented when you include this fruit in your diet.

Can avocado diet make you fat?

Many people have this concern because avocado contains natural fat. As a matter of essence, avocado contains 188 calories in every 100 grams.

By any standards, this number of calories is relatively high compared to what other types of fruits contain. So it means that if you overeat avocado, there is a high chance of growing adding more weight since you will get more calories.
But you also need to understand that it is not the avocado that makes you fat. It is the low content of carbohydrate as well as the fibers that help you in shedding off more weight.
Additionally, if you do your calculations, you’ll realize that the number of calories contained in every 100 grams of calories tends to be relatively small compared to what is included in nuts and other unhealthy foods such as cake and biscuit.

Neutralizes blood sugar level

Avocado is known to contain healthy fats and has low levels of sugar and carbohydrates. It is this particular combination that offers the best stability to the blood sugar levels.
Furthermore, it also helps in enhancing your energy levels such that you stay healthy and productive throughout the day.

Reduces appetite

Avocado is rich in fibers which typically, are digested slowly. For that reason, you’ll realize that whenever you drink an avocado smoothie, it will be difficult for you to feel any sensation of hunger all through the day.
This is important because as it reduces your appetite to eat unhealthy meals, it also helps you to reduce weight.

4. What’s the ideal number of avocados for preparing smoothie?

Ideally, anything between 50 and 100 grams of avocado is suitable for a smoothie. That is roughly about ¼ to ½ of an avocado.

Remember you do not need to use excess avocado all the time you’re preparing your smoothie.

The best way to make an avocado smoothie

The first thing that you need to do is to get the right size of an avocado, ideally a ripe one. Given that we have different breeds of avocado ensure that you choose nothing but the best.

Now look for another sweet fruit that you’ll use to blend with the avocado together with a handful of vegetables.

Given that most of the avocados tend to have a neutral taste, are creamy and also soft, you may decide to blend it using your ideal dark, healthy and leafy veggies.

When choosing the right fruit to combine with the avocado and vegetables, make sure that you go for something that is a bit sugary so that it can help to enhance the taste of the avocado smoothie and give you a delicious beverage.

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