The Right to Food case is public interest litigation and over time, it becomes an “enormous” litigation as well. It has considerably expanded due to range of issues it now covers which included urban destitution, homelessness, the right to work, starvation deaths, as well as issues of transparency and accountability.

Approximately 500 affidavits have been submitted by the petitioner (Peoples’ Union for civil Liberties, Rajasthan) and respondents, close to hundred interim orders have been filed, and around 70 interim orders have been issued both by the High Courts and the Supreme Courts.

These interim orders, temporary orders of the courts pending the final order, are thousands in pages and quite bulky for information purposes. Incorporated here, therefore, are interim orders deemed most significant. For other important aspects of the case, however, the wealth of unpublished information is with Human Rights Law Network.

Children of bonded laborers

Children of bonded laborers in rural Punjab